To the Editor:

Jeffrey Goldberg illuminates the likely appeal of the “The Unmaking of Israel” to an “Upper West Side” liberal mentality (which Goldberg seems to share), and he properly dismisses the malicious canard that Israel is an “apartheid state.” But he misleadingly concludes his review with an anecdote about a Palestinian in Hebron who “lives on a street that he shares with Jewish settlers” but is not a full citizen of Israel. This, Goldberg concludes, “is a situation that cannot go on forever.” But he fails to mention that Jews are not permitted to live in the Palestinian sector of Hebron, home to 120,000 Arabs and governed by the Palestinian Authority — a glaring example of apartheid that Goldberg ignores.

Wellesley, Mass.
The writer is a professor emeritus of history at Wellesley College.


did any of you ever take a class with Professor Auerbach?  imagine my ‘surprise’ when i read this letter to the editor

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