This is particularly to the very recent grads, but also to those who came before.There was recently a Wellesley News article that outlined the conflict over current dining hall prices, in that it is about $11.25 per meal at Wellesley.The article may be found at

Students have become quite upset over this news and due to that, as a member of the Budgetary Advisory Committee, I felt as a student on lackluster financial aid, it should be brought up and explored. But to do that, I need to make sure that I am not just an angered student but speaking with the permission of my siblings, both current students and graduated ones.

I am in the works of creating a survey to gauge student response, but wanted to reach out and draw from the experience of the wonderful community of alums. This survey would only be open to those with a e-mail address, so I am not sure if it can be sent to alums with grad years pre-2012. Due to that, I welcome any e-mails from alums about any response they might have to the article, explanations that worked or didn’t in Dining Halls during their years here. Especially, there is discussion about changing from an unlimited meal plan to being able to choose the number of meals per week you consume.

To that end, I wanted to leave my e-mail address(, and I will try to respond by the end of 48 hours to each e-mail. The more general question that I need to try to find answer to is: How can dining be improved for students today and beyond, using the advice of past students?

-Claire Milldrum

Class of 2015

Peace and Justice Studies and Art History