On April 5th , Andrea Rosales, an undocumented student from Chicago was arrested along with six other immigrant youth in Atlanta, Georgia.  Andrea, 22, is a member of La Colectiva, a student group here in Champaign-Urbana, where she is also a senior at the University of Illinois. This May she will be receiving her Bachelor’s in Sociology and Latina/o Studies. With graduation soon approaching, Andrea finds herself unable to use her degree to give back to the community that nurtured her. She is currently organizing for the empowerment of undocumented youth with the Immigrant Youth Justice League in Illinois. Tired of waiting for politicians to act, she believes the time has come to take action.

As classmates, allies, and friends of Andrea we ask you to stand with Andrea in her fight for policies, initiatives, and conditions that promote education, enterprise, and freedom for all. A fight that opposes conditions that criminalize those who make sacrifices on behalf of the well-being of their family and the future of this country. Whose side are you on? 

How to help:

1.     Donate to Andrea.

-          You can donate @ http://www.thedreamiscoming.com/andrea/ (Please scroll to the bottom)

-          Additionally you can donate @ http://andrea1david2.chipin.com/andrea-and-david-organizing-in-georgia 

2.     Help spread Andrea’s message

-          Learn more about Andrea & the Georgia 7 by visiting…

o   http://www.thedreamiscoming.com/andrea/

o   http://www.iyjl.org/

-          Stay updated by visiting…

o   http://twitter.com/#!/agrsierra

o   http://twitter.com/IYJL

o   http://www.facebook.com/agrsierra 

3.     Sign the petition and have 10 friends do the same

-          The petition is located @ http://action.dreamactivist.org/georgiaban/

4.     Forwards this to everyone you know!