1. hauntedtryst answered: yours! and pridenotprejudice and custerdiedforyoursins :]
  2. sailoreuterpe answered: You, thehumorlessfeminist, afunnyfemenist, howmanywomen, feistyfeminist, notsexistbut, probably a couple of others.
  3. cubbyzissou answered: shakespearessister.http://shakespearessister.blogspot.com :)
  4. scooterpiebanana answered: STFUfauxfeminists, feministdykeslut, jhameia
  5. ludio answered: you! :)
  6. transradical answered: Blag Hag, Bitch Media, Tiger Beatdown, Shepchick
  7. crazyeasy answered: jessicavalenti, feministdykeslut, iwillnotshavemyvagina, newwavefeminism
  8. nicolemarietherese answered: Tiger Beatdown forever!
  9. airellia answered: Tiger Beatdown
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